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Get thicker,healthier hair fast

Hair loss is an issue for millions of men and women around the world, and despite being a common problem it can be distressing no matter what your age. We all want thick, glossy hair that shines with good health - rather than limp, thinning hair that lacks vitality - and losing your locks can really knock your confidence and self esteem.

Whether it’s a receding hairline, hair loss patches or excessive shedding all over that you’re experiencing, it’s hard to know where to turn when your hair is falling out more than usual - especially when it can be caused by anything from stress to vitamin deficiency.

However, there’s no need to resign yourself to a lifetime of bad hair days; help is at hand in the shape of cleverly designed products and supplements that can get to the root of the problem, and bring your crowning glory back to its best.

Introducing Hair Rush, the fast hair loss solution you’ve been looking for...

What is Hair Rush?

Hair Rush is your hair’s new best friend. The fast-acting hair supplement is a herbal hair loss product that works for all hair types. Designed to noticeably improve the volume of thinning hair, the capsules contain powerful, natural ingredients that help to boost your hair health, making it thicker and stronger in as little as a few weeks. Thousands of our customers have experienced truly unbelievable results - and you can too!

How does Hair Rush work?


It’s well known that male pattern baldness is the most common reason for men losing their hair as they age - and the same condition can affect women, too. The underlying cause of this type of hair loss is thought to be dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone derived from testosterone that makes the hair follicles shrink at a faster rate than normal.

Rising levels of DHT as we age causes the hair shaft to weaken, break, and eventually fall out, as well as making it harder for hair to grow back - resulting in thinning hair and even balding. Hair Rush has been specially formulated with natural ingredients that inhibit the production of DHT, blocking the hormone so that your hair follicles stay healthier for longer - meaning thicker, stronger hair.

As well as addressing the root cause of hair loss, Hair Rush improves the health and condition of your hair by stimulating the follicles, boosting their blood supply in order to prevent shedding and reduce hair breakage. By nourishing the follicles and encouraging faster growth, Hair Rush creates the perfect environment for hair that’s stronger, fuller and longer.

How quickly does it work?

Hair Rush is a fast and powerful solution to hair loss, and by taking the recommended daily dose you should see positive results in a matter of weeks.

Your hair has its own growth cycle, so you’ll see the full effects within three months - but there’ll be plenty of progress along the way.

In the first 2 weeks: less fall - out
In as little as two weeks of taking the Hair Rush supplement you will start to notice that your hair is falling out less, and that hair breakage is reduced - meaning fewer clogged shower drains and less stress when you use your hair brush.

In 4 - 6 weeks: improved condition
Once you’ve been using our chemical-free hair supplement daily for four to six weeks, your hair will be noticeably thicker, stronger and full of volume. Your healthier - looking hair will be shedding less, and the nourishing ingredients will ensure that broken strands and split ends become a thing of the past.

In 3 months: thicker, healthier hair
After three months of use you’ll be delighted with the impressive results of Hair Rush’s science-based formula. Your hair will feel thicker, stronger and longer thanks to a healthy scalp and revived follicles, and it’ll look as good as it feels with improved condition and added shine.  

Success stories


“Despite being sceptical about using hair loss products, I gave Hair Rush a try after a friend recommended it to me. To my amazement, I started to see a difference in my hair after just a few weeks, and I really couldn’t be happier.”

- Tom


“I’ve tried hair loss treatments in the past without much success, but I’m pleased to say that I have finally found one that works. Plus, there are no side effects which is great.”

- Donna


“Hair Rush works! I’ve got most of my hair back after taking the supplement for five months. Great product, great supplier!”

- Bobbie


If you’re not 100% satisfied, just ask for your money back within the first 45 days after purchase. No question asked.